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For those of you who have been around for a while, this will bring back memories or cause the return of those anxiety attacks.

Support Community Shelter Services Chili FaceOff on February 26th at Brewerie. Tickets are available at Northwest Savings Bank locations. For more information, visit the CSS Facebook Event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1327296107329985/

From her home, Caitlin Parsons was creating beautiful, handcrafted bracelets based on the techniques used to make Nantucket baskets. She decided to turn it into a business and started Nantucket Bracelets. We have been working with Caitlin for several years, helping her develop her branding. In addition to creating the Nantucket Bracelets identity, we did the photograph and recently finished her website www.nantucketbracelets.com. When you get a chance, check out Caitlin’s wonderful work.

Just delivered both the Imperial and Metric versions of Greenleaf's 2016 master product catalog. One was 490+ pages and the other 450+ pages. They kept us out of trouble for quite a while.

We recently completed a series of projects for Capitaf, The Milton and Rose Friedman Center, located in Eastern Vermont. The projects included branding; multiple print collateral pieces; several direct mail pieces; fundraising campaign creative; location photography; development of specialty advertising premiums; and corresponding website. Capitaf is used as a conference and educational center. It recently was chosen as a remote location for an economic class from Dartmouth.

An unusual and fun project came through recently. We had a chance to work with an animation company located in Burbank, the same one who created and animated Olaf for Disney. The project was a companion workbook (suitable for grades K-5) for a series of short animations about the Pups of Liberty. Obviously, they provided the illustrations. We developed the games, puzzles, and projects — as well as producing the final workbook.

We helped Citta Pasta with branding and some graphics. Go check out a very good fast food restaurant - a tasty alternative to burgers and tacos. http://www.goerie.com/enjoy-all-the-pasta-bilities-at-citta-pasta